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Refer & Earn Terms

1. EASY steps to Refer and get Rewarded

  • Click on “Refer Now” Button & share your invite link on Social Media. Ask your friend to click on the invite and Install App to Earn Brandflex Point.

2.Referral Benefit:

Subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Referral Program, the following shall be the referral benefits:
  • When your friend registers on the app, you receive Rs.10, and your friend receives Rs.100. as a Brandflex Point
  • When your friend pays for a premium package, you receive a 10% as a cash balance.

3.Terms For Refer & Earn Programm

  • Your friend must not have registered with us before.
  • The phone number or email id which your friend will use to sign up shouldn’t have been used earlier for brandflex appuse.
  • Brandflex App should not be installed using App runtime for Chrome, emulators or simulators.
  • If your friend uses someone else’s referral code, the person whose referral code is used will get the benefits even if you had referred him/her first.
  • Points earned from Refer & Earn will be credited to BrandFlex Wallet as “Brandflex Point” or “Cash balance”.
  • Points can neither be exchanged nor be transferred.
  • Only registered users can use Points.
  • You cannot add funds directly to your Brandflex wallet account. Only referral amount will get added to the wallet.
  • Brandflex reserves all rights to change the amounts conferred under Refer and Earn program at any point in time.
  • Brandflex may suspend or terminate the Refer and Earn program or any user’s ability to participate in the program at any time for any reason at their discretion.
  • Points earned as a result of fraudulent activities will be revoked and deemed invalid.
  • Brandflex reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. Modifications of these terms will be effective from the time they are updated in the Terms and Conditions section.
  • Brandflex cannot accept responsibility for any printing or typographical errors found in promotional materials, nor for any lost or misdirected transactions, those that fail to enter the processing system, or those that are processed, reported, or transmitted late or inaccurately due to various reasons. These reasons may include computer malfunctions, telephone issues, paper transfer mishaps, mail system hiccups, human errors, and other unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, Brandflex will not be liable for any electronic, computer, or telephonic malfunctions or errors, including the inability to access the Brandflex website, App, or conduct transactions therein.
  • The following persons shall not be entitled to participate in this Referral Program: – Brandflex associates including the dealers, advertising agencies and their employees; – Anyone who may be involved with the promotion such as content partners, Influencer, vendors, agencies, etc.;
  • Brandflex Point can be used to purchase Premium Packages within brandflex app
  • Cash balance can be redeemed in “Direct bank transfers” or ” e-wallets”
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Copyright © 2021 BrandFlex. All rights reserved
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